Last May, on the 30th and in the Zorroaga Church, “San Sebastian BOX” participated in the catwalk with the Companies Isabel Zapardiez, Jota + Ge, Mercedes de Miguel, Minimil, Zergatik, Callate la Boca, Loreak Mendian, Pan y Chocolate and Diksi. All of them were selected as best Basque designers within the 1st edition of the DFW (Donostia Fashion Week), a new fashion event in San Sebastian that begins a new period trying to break into the fashion circuit and which aims to achieve its consolidation in 2016 and stay with various activities around the Fashion World for a full week.

As reported by The Guipuzkoa Fashion Association, promoter of the idea, the public and private entities from Gipuzkoa have joined efforts to create this festival; it will serve as a meeting point for professionals, and aims to promote the fashion industry as an economic driver that can generate
wealth and jobs for the city.

To complete this 1st edition there was a fashion show for local emerging young designers. They were also held along with presentations related to aspects of the textile, fashion and ecology, fashion workshops with environmental awareness for children and the projection of a film series with fashion as art.

All catwalks were held in the Church of Zorroaga and other activities took place in the Balenciaga Museum, where the exhibition of the photographer Joseph Cardo “Chiaroscuro” and their presentation about the world of fashion photography were both amazing